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Moment of Truth: The Real Taste of Irn Bru

Moment of Truth: The Real Taste of Irn Bru

Irn Bru is the unofficial, yet arguably the official drink of Scotland, taking the number 1 spot from Coke-Cola and Pepsi-Cola for almost 70 years (we're gonna pretend that Coke didn't beat Irn Bru in 2020) (Aitchison, 2020).

After a lot of speculation and wonder about the flavour of Irn Bru, we decided to sample the soda ourselves.
We opened an original Irn Bru and an Irn Bru Sugar Free to examine the differences and similarities between the two.

We found that the original can was richer in orange colouring, with a more predominate carbon fizz and smell, as opposed to the lighter coloured sugar free can.
Both have a distinct sweet, candy smell, with undertones of citrus, and possibly vanilla.

Sam is still deciding. Possibly a mixture of cotton candy and fireworks? If you had to imagine what fireworks taste like (no judgment if you don't have to imagine), we suggest Irn Bru as a starting place.

As we were trying to narrow down the taste, we compared Irn Bru to the pink Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, cotton candy, cream soda, and orange creamsicles before narrowing it down to... 

Rainbow Lollypops


We think that Irn Bru tastes like a carbonated drink version of a rainbow lollypop, with subtle hints of citrus.

Do you think we nailed it? Give your opinion below and take part in our poll! 

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Aitchison, J. (2020, August 30). Irn-Bru is no longer Scotland’s most popular food brand — here’s what is. Glasgow Times. Retrieved April 10, 2022, from

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