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Tartan Fabric Ends

Color: County Clare
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10oz Wool 
-County Clare (58"x26")
-County Cork (58"x31.5")
-County Down (58"34.5")
-County Leitrim (58"x38.5")
-County Meath (58"x38.5")
-County Monaghan (58"x38")
-County Tyrone (31"x28.5")
-County Waterford (30"x57")
-County Westmeath (58"x38.5")
-County Wexford (58"x34")
-Davidson Modern (58"x19.5")
-MacGregor Hunting Modern (31.5"x55")
-MacKenzie Modern (58"x29")
-MacTaggart Ancient (59"x19")
-RCMP (58"x32")
-Smith Modern (58"x21")
-Solid Black (55"x41")
-Stewart of Atholl Modern (60"x36.5")
-Sutherland Ancient (31"x22")
-Wallace Modern (28"x76")
-Young (58"x19")

13oz Wool
-Angel (38"x111.5")
-Black Watch (40"x71")
-County Cavan (52.5"x24")
-County Fermanagh (54"x38.5")
-County Tipperary (46"x34")
-German National (57"x41")
-Hay Ancient (57"X37.5")
-MacConnell Modern (43"x26.5")
-MacNaughton Ancient (58"x7.5")
-Maple Leaf (31"x35.5")
-Maple Leaf Dark (48"x16.5")
-Muir Ancient (19.5"x54")
-Rivers of Scotland (54"x25.5")
-Robertson Hunting Muted (27"x133")
-Scottish National (38"x16.5")
-Thom(p)son Blue (54"x13.5")
-Tweedside District Hunting Modern (52.5"x17")
-Wemyss Modern (54"x19")

Poly Viscose
-Caledonia (58"x37")
-Douglas Modern (58"x34")
-Farquharson Modern (58"x37.5")
-Graham of Mentieth Modern (58"x38.5")
-Grey Granite (58"x32")
-Gunn Modern (46.5"x35")
-Hamilton Red (58"x38")
-Lindsay Modern (58"x31.5")
-Logan Modern (20"x38")
-MacIntyre Modern (47"x95")
-MacKay Ancient (58"x37.5")
-MacMillan Black (58"x31.5")
-MacNaughton (58"x37.5")
-MacPherson (58"x38.5")
-Maple Leaf (56"x34")
-Maple Leaf Dark (12"x56.5")
-Menzie Dress (58"x38")
-Murray of Atholl Modern (58"x37.5")
-Thom(p)son Grey (58"x35.5")
-Thom(p)son Camel (58"x24")