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Sterling Silver Aqua Claddagh Necklace

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The Claddagh design is a symbol of two joining hands, a heart, and a crown. The hands to friendship, the heart to love, and the crown to loyalty. Love, loyalty, and friendship are three necessary components of a strong relationship. There are numerous folkloric tales of how the Claddagh first came to be. Tales of everything from a fisherman crafting it as a ring for his bride-to-be, to that of a prince creating the design to prove to a young maid's father that he was true in his love for her. What threads all the stories together is their common theme: love. Proclaim your adoration and appreciation for your significant other by bearing this classic Celtic emblem.

  • Materials: Sterling Silver and Aquamarine Crystal
  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain
  • Imported from Ireland
  • Code: SP2280