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Celtic Trinity Knot Necklace - Large

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Is there anything more elegant than simplicity? This gorgeous pendant says no. On the surface, it appears quite simple- unadorned sterling silver crafted into the iconic shape of the Celtic Trinity Knot. But the purity of design and elegance of line speaks to the profound thought put into this pendant.

An Eternal Love

The Celtic Trinity Knot is one of the most familiar and iconic images of the Celtic knot work. Though the practice is found with many intercrossing strands or many corners, the Trinity Knot is the smallest possible knot and thus it is appropriate that it have the most powerful meaning: love. Originally, it was meant to represent the love of the Holy Trinity. Each of the three corners represented the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The unbroken line showed how their love was never-ending. In our modern day, the knot has come to represent any type of love.

Truth in Simplicity

So much meaning can be lost in complexity. But an unadorned, elegant symbol can say so much more. Let this pendant speak of your pure love for a world often mired in confusing complexity.

METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT:2.3 grams
WIDTH:17.5 mm
CHAIN:18" Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch