Silver Celtic Key Pendant Embellished With Swarovski Crystal

Silver Celtic Key Pendant Embellished With Swarovski Crystal

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An incredibly intricate Celtic knot is showcased at the head of a sterling silver key pendant. Sparkling white crystals from Swarovski® embellish the elegant figure. 

Endless Knot and White Crystals

Each white crystal present in the design is meant to draw the eye with dazzling, light-catching properties, while suggesting purity, clarity, and truth. Whether the key to your heart, or the key to knowledge, or to whichever energy the wearer assigns, this pendant inspires open communication, thoughtfulness, and a path everlasting. 

The intertwining and unbroken lines of the Celtic knot craft a most beautiful image of an endless journey. Soft lines and architectural details combine for a graceful contrast and meaningful blend of hard and soft, evoking feelings of both challenges and ease on your path. 

The Key to Adventure

Let the brilliance of Shanore Ireland's design bring you guidance and light on whichever adventures you embark. With white crystals to energize you, thoughtful craftsmanship to inspire you and dazzling traditional symbolism to ground you, this sterling silver key pendant makes a most incredible keepsake. Treasure this piece as your own, or gift to a most deserving other who may appreciate the fine and intricate detail.