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Gents Silver Claddagh Ring

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This striking sterling silver piece tells all who see it that the wearer is a friend of Ireland. A classic, heavyweight Claddagh ring, the bright sterling silver will look dashing on any finger. The interior of the ring contains the inscription ?Love, Loyalty, Friendship? as a reminder of the symbolism of the Claddagh.

The Tradition of Love

This traditional Irish ring represents the three all-important values of love, loyalty, and friendship necessary to a lasting relationship. The silver hands of friendship protect the beautiful heart of love, all capped by the crown of loyalty. When each ring is crafted with exquisite care, you don?t have to be Irish to appreciate the beauty and significance of the Claddagh as a symbol of love and devotion.

A Sophisticated Touch

The clean lines of this solid, classic piece are suited to any man, whether he wears suits or blue jeans. The gleam of the sterling silver against skin is sure to catch the eye, especially if accented by the dark backdrop of a navy blue button-down shirt.?

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