Fleur de Lis Silver Pendant

Fleur de Lis Silver Pendant

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"A highly attractive Sterling Silver Pendant, with a design based on the romantic and tragic life of Mary Queen of Scots:

Mary spent her formative years at the French Court, then the richest and most opulent in the western world. She was betrothed to the Dauphine (Crown Prince) of France, Francis, and married him, aged only 15, in a glittering ceremony in Notre Dame Cathedral. She is described as… ‘a hundred times more beautiful than a goddess of heaven …her person alone was worth a kingdom". The following year, aged 16, Mary's husband ascends the throne of France and Mary becomes Queen of France (as well as Queen of Scotland).

To honour this hugely important period of her life, this stunning pendant features the Fleur De Lis, the emblem particularly associated with the French monarchy."

Size (approx) - 22.0mm x 13.0mm.