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Deluxe Newfoundland Blanket

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Our traditional clan and custom tartan throws are woven using a shutterless loom for our Highland Collection, producing high-quality wool and vibrant colours. Unmatched in quality and durability, Patrick King Woollen Company blankets are natural, breathable and sustainable.

These Merino Wool blankets are perfect for your gifts, campers, cottagers and everyone who appreciates the warmth, comfort and style of woollen products at home.

Thread count recorded by the Minister of Provincial Affairs in the Lyon Court Books (writs section), 27, 6 December 1973. In 1497 John Cabot called this Atlantic province the ‘newfound isle,’ and just a few years later, official English documents called it ‘New found land.’ There are two names connected with the official provincial tartan. Louis Anderson is recorded in old records as the designer, and Sam Wilansky, a St Johns clothing store owner, is usually referred to as the developer. Colours: gold represents the sun’s rays; green represents the pine-clad hills; white for the snow; brown for the minerals in the Province and red commemorates historical ties to Britain.