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Summer Cocktails

It's going to be hot summer, so here are some great recipes for Summer cocktails! Keep cool and enjoy the sun!

Gin & Bitter Lemon - 1oz gin, 1/2oz lemon juice, 3oz Schweppes Bitter Lemon, lemon wedge, and ice cubes!

Pour gin, lemon juice and Schweppes Bitter Lemon over ice, and shake! Lemon wedge to garnish.

Iron Monkey - 1 part whisky, 2 parts Irn Bru, and ice cubes!

Pour the whisky over ice and add Irn Bru!


Dark & Stormy - Ice, 2oz dark rum, 3oz Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, and a lime wedge!

Pour dark rum over ice and add Old Jamaica Ginger Beer! Garnish with a lime wedge.