Large Celtic Necklace 20" Chain

Large Celtic Necklace 20" Chain

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Celtic Knot

Four intricately crafted arcs halo the Celtic Knot in the centre of the design. Each arc is accented with tribal markings and incorporates the use of dark and light. A nod to other Celtic traditional imagery, the Celtic Tribal Knot is reminiscent of The Shamrock shape, or the Celtic Cross. Each of these other images bears a similar weight in meaning. The different sections are a reminder of the four directions, and the intertwining lines are representative of everlasting journeys. What a great way to bring tradition and antiquity of Celtic culture to modern life, style and design.

A True Journey

Present this intricate necklace as a gift to a deserving individual who is forging new pathways, or stepping out into a new direction. Wear it with Celtic pride and faith in its guidance to help light the way on your own interconnected journey.


METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT: 6.4 grams
WIDTH: 23mm
HEIGHT: 35mm