Summer Pub Reviews: The Glen Scottish Restaurant & Pub

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We as a staff at the Scottish and Irish Store have promised you, our patrons, that we would sacrifice our time (and waists) going out to visit as many pubs in Ottawa as we possibly could- and we have found another one to share with you.

Deep in the forests of Ottawa lies the small town of Stittsville, semi changed by time, almost merged with Kanata. I had never been to Stittsville before, so I was pleasantly surprised by its laid-back atmosphere even though it's still in the city of Ottawa. We found the pub quite easily, as it lies just off Hazeldean coming out of Kanata. It was no more than a 15 minute drive from our West end store.

The Glen is a striking pub.  It's quite large now (they moved into a new building a few years back) and is very inviting and impressive. We sat outside on the patio and I was so thankful for their umbrellas as this weather is still overwhelmingly toasty.  Their food and drink menus were quite impressive, offering a wide range of authentic dishes and tasty drinks with fun names.

Check out the menu!

The selection of food sets them apart from many other pubs in Ottawa as they are one of the only places in the city you can find a Scotch egg! Other traditional dishes include Scotch pies, Steak and Kidney Pies, Haggis, and a wide range of Fish and Chips to name a few. Everything we tried was fantastic and reminded us all of our last trips across the pond.

The drinks offered were fun and delicious, mixing pops from the UK with alcohols that we have come to love. The "Kilt Lifter", a mix of Henrdick's gin, Soho Lychee, and lime cordial, was one of their best named and best tasting drinks! The Glen also offers a number of beers if mixed drinks aren't your thing.

We all enjoyed our experience at The Glen; the food was great, the drinks amazing, and the atmosphere fun and pleasant. If you can make the trip out to Stittsville to visit The Glen we would highly recommend it.  Trust us, it's well worth the drive!

Until next time patio goers!

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