Summer Pub Reviews: Quinn's Ale House

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With summer in full swing and record high temperatures melting local Ottawans, the employees of the Scottish and Irish Store have risen in this hour of need and have sacrificed our time and energy finding an answer to the question "Where can I get great drinks and authentic British Isles food in Ottawa". Want to know how we found the answer?

Pub crawls.

Now, before you thank us for our immense sacrifice (which of course we're expecting), we should say that it was not purely selfless. We at the Scottish and Irish Store are more than happy to be on the front lines of such an important endeavour and enjoy the benefits of such hard work; plenty of food and even more drink. Enough chatter, onto the first local pub!

Nestled in the heart of Bank Street lies a quaint pub situated beside the historic Mayfair Theatre (Open since 1923) and across the street from Black Squirrel Books, Life of Pie, House of Targ, and the Mud Oven. There’s also a barber, just in case you were inclined to have a pint and then a trim (just don't try and cut your own hair after a few pints, we can promise it won't end well). The name of this perfectly situated pub? Quinn’s Ale House!

Quinn’s sits on the corner of Bank and Euclid Avenue and the pub puts it's location to good use.  Their patio is off of the more peaceful of the two streets, Euclid, which is a whole new world from the hustle and bustle of Bank.

Upon entering, it feels as if we’ve travelled forty seven hundred kilometres to a pub in the heart of Ireland.  You would never guess we were in Ottawa.  Quinn's has an spacious area that boasts an open mic night for the musically inclined (which three employees of the Scottish and Irish Store have participated in). Outside on the patio, Quinn's has utilized a rather unique way to prepare your meal.  In a planter outside, herbs and vegetables are grown which are used by the staff to for your meals.  Point to Quinn’s for being green, creative, and as fresh as you can get!

As a quick point of interest, the original Quinn’s Pub (in Dublin) is well known for being an ideal place to watch any Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) games. As you could have already guessed, this pub is where the Ottawa version of Quinn’s gets its name.

Although the name comes from Ireland most of the staff sadly do not, but this does not hamper their ability to navigate the food and drink menu! Quinn’s offers a fair range of local beer with a focus on the Ashton Brewing Company. The bartenders at Quinn's are especially good at taking drink requests if something you’ve been craving isn’t offered on the menu. The food is well made, fresh, and hits the spot.  If burgers, sandwiches, or other pub fare is what you’re after, Quinn's is where you want to be.

If you’re looking to enjoy a pleasant evening on Bank Street and want something a little more low-key, look no further than Quinn’s. Pro Tip: If you happen to be looking for a great spot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you will experience an extremely high-charged and welcoming atmosphere as Quinn's is one of Ottawa’s premier go-to Irish Pubs on March 17th!

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